Greater24 History & Press References
What Is Greater24?
it's innovative fusion
3 key components = Positive Social Impact
What would the community be like if no one volunteered to support and improve it? So; we work together to do it.
Who doesn't love media from movies, TV shows to commericals? So; we create and distribute all positive media.
You can't help the community if no one is willing to build a better plan to help others. So; we put our heads together.
History In The Making
Community Media Leadership Award given to Greater24’s Director alongside other community leaders. (Read More)

How could you motivate people towards being positive that ultimately changes their lives every 24 hours and impacts our communities that also stimulates our economy?

The amazing news is that there's a real platform in operation that's having success addressing these significant obstacles? 

Here's the backstory. What would happen if a media network like HBO, ABC or MTV started creating and distributing all positive but entertaining media? We all know media influences the world for better or worst. What if that same media network acted like a community development organization by creating positive social campaigns and programs? Finally, what if that same network extended help to its collaborating partners to help them better plan and execute their community programs and social engagement events? This comprehensive approach is exactly what's needed in such challenging times throughout the world.

​This approach would be very attractive to citizens worldwide to stay connected to the news, progressive media and events about positive happenings, new developments, and the people and corporations behind the work. The good news is, it's here and impacting more people everyday locally and abroad. Well now you understand the innovative methods used to develop and build the Greater24 Positive World Network.
Greater24 Provides
• Positive Entertainment Content Development
  (TV Programs, Online Content Streaming, Publishing) 

• Positive News & Event Coverage
• Social Campaign Development 
• Advertising

It's Arrived
Greater24 is the first positive communications network. Greater24 fuses media, social engagement campaigns, and project development to impact a global community. ​​​​​​

Greater24 was created by
Binchmark, a project development company to support positive community development. The project was founded on two key principles for social change every 24 hours. These areas include an emphasis on personal self-improvement and community involvement every day for a greater society. This is where the name Greater24 originated. Since its inception, Greater24 now has grown into the first all positive news, media and broadcast network. Greater24 combines professional media, outreach campaigns and project development to impact area communities locally and abroad. Greater24 seeks to revitalize, educate and motivate local citizens to build their better day. Greater24 takes a unique approach by incorporating broadcast media and social engagement campaigns that connects with people of all ages.

Greater24 challenges the public to move forward through personal and community pledges to act; provides resources, and raises awareness through targeted media and campaigns. Positive and compelling features on a variety of topics and interests are captured and distributed on
Greater24's Network. The network represents a series of social networks, press productions, publications, audio features and television broadcasts. Greater24 is supported by small businesses and corporations. The network reaches individuals in over 40 cities and 7 countries and growing. Learn more about the work by Greater24 and its supporters reaching area communities in Greater24's Annual Social Impact Report
Team Greater24
• Chance Wilson
  National Brand Director 
  Executive Producer 

• Tatia Robinson
  Opperations Manager
  Production Assistant 

• LaSheena McBride
  QA Manager
  Media Placement Manager

• Ray Pope
  Media Placement Manager

• Ramone Permel
  Media Photographer
  Ramone Photography 

• Veronica Thompson
  Event Planning
  VIBEvents Group, LLC

• Elite Presenations 
  Event Audio/Visual 

• Binchmark Project Development
  Project Development 

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