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Quick Benefits Overview

What does it mean to become a Greater24 Peer? Well, a Greater24 Peer is what we call the supporters, leaders, and volunteers of Greater24 that want to advocate for Greater24's mission and come alongside Greater24. The word ‘Peer’ is defined by Greater24 as, ‘People Everywhere Encouraging Revitalization’. These are individuals drawn to Greater24’s work, developments, and projects that support building a positive society.

​How does establishing a Greater24 Peer relationship differ from just standard volunteering? Peers are exposed to opportunities to get involved with Greater24 in innovative social projects, community developments, to leadership training, and special events. Opportunities that challenge creative thinking, public relations, and campaign development that are the building block for elevating communities locally and abroad. ​

​Greater24 has established this unique relationship that empowers its supporters to be out front with a media network innovating how positive efforts and progressive media reach the masses. This opportunity is also ideal for people seeking the resources and information designed to aid in their professional development as well as supporting their desire to move the community. Peer acceptance is based upon application review for approval and a probation period.

Greater24 Social Networks Access

Facebook Group Promotion Access 
Share what's going on in your world and the positive projects you're involved in. All posts are subject to approval. This service includes access to the Greater24 Billboard (1) Facebook Group with over 11,000 members and Greater24 Billboard (2) Facebook Group with over 3,000 members. 

Social Network Promotion Support
Receive valuable assistance in helping you get the word out on a community, social or even business projects you're working on through Greater24 AdPush . All posts are subject to approval and budget requirements.  This service may include social network ad creation and social network ad distribution across various Greater24 networks from Facebook groups with 3,000 followers to multiple social networks ranging over 20,000 followers. 

Greater24 Website Features

Peer Member Listings
Peers will be listed as a peer member.

News Release
New peers will be featured in a press release of their involvement.

Training & Support Services

Introductory Training
Learn about the history, mission and developments of Greater24.

Development Workshops
Receive access to various workshops on leadership, community development and entrepreneurship if applicable.

Consultation Sessions
Receive support and guidance in the development of your projects if applicable.


Event Access
Receive special discounts and waivers to attend select events and functions if applicable.


Getting Involved
Peers will have the opportunity to participate in various volunteer and community projects with Greater24.

Service Discounts
Receive discounts on presentation resources, advertising and promotion services. Up to 15% off of select services.

Talent Placement 
Peers are welcome to audition/apply for various opportunities to be exposed on a media outlet within the Greater24 Network .

Ideal Peer Candidates

1. Takes a proactive approach with working on Greater24 projects.
2. Seeks to use professional skills to advance various projects.
3. Can be flexible in working on projects individually or within a group.
4. Knowledgeable of Greater24's mission
5. Seeks to advocate alongside Greater24 in different localities.
6. Seeks to grow professional and personal skills using best efforts.
7. Seeks to find solutions.
8. Understand or willing to advocate via social media platforms.
9. Willing to meet and interact with new people. 

Diverse Impact

Greater24 is not only active in positive media development, publishing and TV programing, but lends a hand in creating solutions in the community. Even though Greater24 is not a nonprofit organization, Greater24 uses its resources and influence to develop the pathways that support a variety of worthy causes. Check out Greater24's Social Impact Report and see the causes we touch.

Online Application

Please Note: Incomplete applications will be rejected. 

Please Note: Once complete, please send a headshot or photo of yourself to: