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Greater24 Talks offer a multitude of compelling discussions and talks that connect with your audience and promotes forward movement.

Sparking Authentic Thought

Greater24 Talks discuss real life scenarios through open discussions that audiences connect to and shows methods of working beyond everyday challenges and approaching tomorrows goals today.

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Greater24 Talks support the growth of a positive and productive society by inspiring and igniting its people. 

Examples of Greater24 Talks include: 

      A. Understanding social responsibility today and its benefits.
      B. How can social engagement contribute to higher communication 
           levels and productivity.
      C. Marketing and branding yourself for social impact.
      D. Creating your dream while keeping society in mind. 

Greater24 Talks come equipped with media, visual presentations and work materials. Talks can range from 20 minutes, 1 hour to 2 hours in length and can be tailored to fit your organizations goals. Talk time is contingent on approved subject matter. 

Talks are designed for professionals, community leaders, volunteers, employees and organizational groups. However, content can be structured for youth ages 13 years and older. 

unveil the power behind the word Positive

Many people function under the notion success leads to happiness, but actually, research shows that happiness and positivity lead to success. A decade of research in positive psychology and neuroscience has found that happiness is the precursor to success, not the result. Research with corporations has also proven that happiness and optimism actually fuel performance and achievement. Positivity not only impacts the individual, but the communities they touch (organizations, businesses, and communities).
Positivity has a direct causal relationship with the productivity and success of individuals and communities. Its benefits include:

3 times more creativity
23% fewer fatigue symptoms

31% higher productivity

37% greater sales
40% more likely to be promoted
10 times more engaged

This explains why companies like Google, Yahoo!, and Virgin cultivate work environments that help their employees experience positive emotions on a regular basis. As Richard Branson said, “More than any other element, fun is the secret of Virgin's success. This isn't because fun is, well, fun. It's because fun also leads to bottom-line results. (See Reference Article)

Institutions that have adopted a Greater24 Talk

ADT Always Cares

About ADT

For more than a century, ADT has been one of today's most trusted, well known brands in the industry. Today, we serve more than six million customers, making us the largest company of our kind in both the U.S. and Canada. ADT's broad and innovative set of products and services f'rom interactive home and business solutions to home health services — exist to meet a range of customer needs for today's active and increasingly mobile lifestyles.

About ADT Always Care

In 2013, ADT launched ADT Always Cares, our company-wide community service program comprised of both employee volunteerism and employee-directed philanthropy. We chose the Always Cares name to leverage the strength of our widely recognized tagline, Always There, and to show our neighbors that we care.