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2016 Greater24 People's Awards

The images below do not represent the entire winners list.

Greater24 People's List is an extensive recognition campaign for professionals, executives, organizations and local citizens that perform consistent acts of social responsibility. This campaign is divided into two divisions. The first being the individuals that where recognized for their contributions to a positive society. The second being the list that is generated from those acknowledged. The following below are those recognized at the 2016 Annual Greater24 People’s List Awards.

2016 Award Recipents & People's List Inductees

Joseph McGourn
My Children's House of Hope
Humanitarian Mark Award

Ken Lees
Ping Pong for CHARITY
Social Development Award

Rupert George
We Serve The City
Community Stewardship Award

La Juan Hines-Rome
She'Matters GIRLS, INC.
Inspiration Award

Johnathan Stanley
The Compassion Advocacy Network
Inspiration Award

Alvin Keels
The Jazz Legacy Foundation
Social Development Award

Joan Copeland
Cultural Alliance
Leadership Award

Hope Sliker
Inspiration Award

Nikka Smith
Social Development Award

Joselyn Best
Media Screen Award

Jemmalyn Hewlett
Social Development Award

Tonya Spellman
Media Screen Award

Michael Daniels
Leadership Award

Joe Lee
Inspiration Award

Kelly Thorsby
Inspiration Award

Dana Rabon Smith
Leadership Award

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