Questions & Answers
  1. What does Greater24 stand for?
    Greater24 is the first positive communications network. Greater24 fuses media, social engagement campaigns, and project development to impact a global community. Greater24's emphasis is on encouraging individuals to focus on two key areas to change the world. These areas of focus are daily self-improvement and community involvement as the ingredients for a 'Greater' society every '24' hours, also known as Greater24.
  2. Is Greater24 a nonprofit?
    No. Greater24 was started and is owned and operated by Binchmark, a project development company. (
  3. Does Greater24 accept interns?
    Acceptance of interns is contingent on availability and individuals must have a proven skill that can contribute to a Greater24 project. Individuals interested in a learning experience from Greater24 are encouraged to apply to become a Greater24 Peer. Greater24 Peers are connected to a variety of learning resources and have access to Greater24 developments and opportunities.
  4. How is Greater24 a media or multimedia network?
    Other media network examples you may be familiar with include MTV, HBO, ABC or NBC. These are household names in the world of media creation and distribution for decades. Greater24 creates and distributes professional media on positive developments. The Greater24 network represents a series of social networks, press productions, publishing, special events and TV broadcasts. To learn more about the Greater24 network resources, please visit the 'TV | Media' option on this website.
  5. How do I request to be on the Greater24 network?
    You can request coverage of any kind. However, the purpose of your request must have a clear positive reference and/or goal. Please submit a request by clicking 'Send Positive News Today' within this website.
  6. How does Greater24 compare to other media outlets?
    The Greater24 platform was born from a positive initiative. Since its creation, Greater24 has diversified its approach with the creation and distribution of positive media. However, Greater24's uniqueness is that Greater24 creates social engagement programs that impact the community and works with other organizations to help support their social causes.
  7. How can I support Greater24 to keep positive media and developments going?
    They're a few options for those interested in joining the companies, organizations and individuals that support Greater24. You Can: - Become a Greater24 Partner/Sponsor - Become a Greater24 Peer - Introduce Greater24 At Your Event - Spread The Word Online