Greater24 Network Social Projects
The Greater24 Network is revealing the diversity behind positive impact. 
Creating the projects that impact area communities, companies, and organizations. ​​Click and view below.
A campaign rewarding people of all ages for working to keep a positive mindset and action in their lives. 

A project to bring professionals and citizens together to provide food for those in need. 

A sports field was dedicated to the Greater24 Network. Greater24 Network seeks to encourage youth and adults of the value of physical fitness and good health. 

Family Funs Days are an opportunity for families to come out and have fun as a family with entertaining games, food and fellowship. Some of these event are free admission. 

Greater24 Talks offer a variety of educational and inspirational talks on topics from business development, entrepreneurship to the important of giving back. 
​​Greater24's People's List Awards
The People’s List Awards recognize the citizens, businesses and organizations that work to positively move the community forward. 

This project is an event series by the City of Newport News to celebrate Ella Fitzgerald, a jazz icon. Greater24 was the title media partner for this event.

Greater24's Holiday Hurricane Campaign 
This project was a campaign to raise awareness and generate items for a toy drive, food drive and raise funds to fight diabetes with the Healthy Living Center Foundation.

This campaign was developed to raise awareness on how to building productive relationships that can impact area communities. 

Greater24 recognizes the work of the Cultural Alliance organization for creating and managing programs that keep the arts alive. 

VBFH Sports Combine
The VBFH Sport Combines and Showcases are for athletes to demonstrate their skills for college coaches. Greater24 is a title media partner for this event.

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